News Briefing- Week of 4 June

  • The European Drug Report 2018, released on 7 June by the EMCDDA, mentioned that the purity of street cocaine across Europe is at its highest level in a decade and that the number of people seeking treatment for cocaine addiction has risen.
  • Solution to fight illegal drugs can be country-specific, as the 3-year Mexico-Filipino cooperation has found.
  • Marijuana has been found hidden in ambulances on numerous occasions in Argentina, illustrating the creativity with which drug traffickers are attempting to slip under the radar.
  • The Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade and The Economist Intelligence released the Global Illicit Trade Environment Index on 7 June, ranking 84 countries on the extent they enable or prevent illicit trade. Regionally, Europe earns the highest average score.
  • Spanish Police arrested the man suspected of being one of the leaders of “Los Castanas”, a group that “monopolised hashish smuggling” in the Campo de Gibraltar area, on 6 June in the southern city of La Linea de Concepcion.