Newsbriefing – Week of 12 August

Spanish authorities dismantled an organised crime group involved in international money laundering. The Spanish-based criminal group laundered more than 70 millions euros on behalf of Asian and Colombian drug trafficking organisations responsible for smuggling cocaine into Europe.

Authorities dismantled an organised crime group in Spain and Portugal involved in drug trafficking. The drug would arrive from South America to Galicia, before being transported to various locations in the Iberian Peninsula by truck. Nearly 700 kilos of cocaine were seized in various cities, and 14 people were arrested during the operation.

Bulgarian police seized 75 kilos of cocaine smuggled in banana shipment from Ecuador to the port city of Burgas, on the Black Sea. The drug was packed in bricks wrapped up in metal foil. Bulgaria is a known transit point for cocaine from Latin America on the smuggling route to Western Europe, but maritime seizures are rare.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is holding wildlife talks to expand the treaty and ban the trade of 56 new species, including pangolins, rhinos and mako sharks. The reopening of the ivory trade, banned by the organisation since 1989, will also be discussed by member states.

in a warehouse in the port city of Lagos.