Newsbriefing – Week of 26 August

British authorities seized 250 kilos of cocaine and arrested six people aboard yacht off the coast of Wales. The private vessel was heading from Latin America to the UK. The drug had a street value of 20 million euros.

Slovenian police dismantled a vast human trafficking network. The group was involved in trafficking some 280 migrant from Croatia to Slovenia and into Italy in collaboration with multiple foreign organised crime groups. The gang was also involved in drug trafficking.

Mexican Navy seized 25 tonnes of fentanyl from China in single seizure. The synthetic drug came from Shanghai and was bound to the Sinaloa Cartel to later be trafficked into the United-States.

Former FARC’s chief negotiator Ivan Marquez has called to take up arms. Marquez accused the Colombian government of betraying the 2016 peace agreement under which almost all FARC’s 7.000 fighters disarmed, and vowed to coordinate with the ELN, Colombia’s last active guerrilla group.

Brazilian law enforcement agencies new target is to lower the violence fuelled by the cocaine trade. They are targeting the three main organised crime groups in the country. The country has the most cocaine consumers in the world after the US and double the number of people killed in the drug cartel war than Mexico in 2018.

Maltese customs officials have seized almost 3,000 contraband cigarettes as a result of a surveillance operation in Paola, Malta.