News briefing – week beginning Monday 4 August

• A leading French narcotics officer was charged in connection with the disappearance of captured cocaine from the French police HQ

• 127kgs of cocaine were seized aboard a Spanish navy vessel returning from Colombia

• The European Commission announced additional funding for the AIRCOP initiative

• The former Haitian president was banned from leaving Haiti as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into his alleged involvement with a drug-trafficking operation

• UK border police released a dossier of photographs showing unusual attempts to conceal contraband (including cocaine) into the UK

• Police at Suriname’s Johan Pengel International Airport make their largest cocaine seizure of the year so far

  • Reports were published which indicated that Colorado’s legalisation of marijuana has created a localised smuggling operation into surrounding states, where the drug remains illegal

• China executed three South Korean citizens convicted of drug-trafficking offences